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The relative informational efficiency of the European corporate bond and stock markets.

Zoë De Vos
In this research, the relationship between European corporate bonds and stocks is examined. The informational efficiency of both bond and stock markets relative to each other is evaluated based upon which market leads the other in incorporating information about the firm. The analysis is conducted by employing a panel vector autoregression (VAR) on corporate bond returns and the corresponding stock returns from 159 firms over a 15 year time period. Results suggest that a correlation is present where stocks lead bonds. This correlation is stronger in high-yield bonds compared to investment grade bonds. This implies that the stock market incorporates firm news more efficiently and that high-yield bonds react more to firm news.

Universal Health Coverage in Tanzania Evaluating the potential of a Public-Private Partnership in Tanzania’s health financing system

Jondolar Lambrecht
Onderzoek naar Universal Health Coverage (UHC) en de meerwaarde die Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) kunnen bieden in Tanzania.